Looking back on 2011

It’s that time of the year again. Looking back on the year that passed, and ahead at what’s to come. And, resolutions! I made a few around this same time last year, and thought I’d do a blog post to assess my success (or failure) in keeping with them, and my plans for 2012.

So without further ado…

2011 Resolutions

  1. Read 100 books. Success! As I mentioned on this post, I managed to read 101 books this year. It required a lot of dedication and attention but it was worth it.
  2. Start using Twitter again. Success! You can find me here. I’m still figuring it out, though. I overthink my tweets. Gotta work on that!
  3. Create a Facebook fan page for my photography. Success! Kinda… I did create the page but it’s been such a slow year for my photography that I fell behind on updating it. University work and research ate up most of my time. Which brings me to…
  4. Work on at least one big photography project. Not done. I took a lot of photos while on vacation, and did a couple of smaller projects, but that’s it.
  5. Learn a new language. Success! It’s been three months since I started learning Mandarin. It’s not easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding, and I get to know more about a new (to me), fascinating culture.
  6. Become a volunteer. Success! I started volunteering for the Serralves Museum in my city. It’s been a fantastic experience.
  7. Get a job in my area. Success! I got a few small jobs during the year, but next week I’m starting a full time internship in Centro Português de Fotografia, so I’m calling this one a sucess.
  8. Exercise more. Not done. I did get enrolled in a gym and went there 3 times a week for two months, but work caught up with me and I lost momentum. The rain and cold didn’t help (I have to walk 20 minutes to go there). Plus, I realized I may not be a gym person. It’d probably be best for me to do something outside, like running.
  9. Write a book. Not done. This one always gets carried from one year to another.

So, 6 out of 9. Not bad! In my next post I’ll outline my resolutions for 2012.

(The photo at the top of the page shows farrapo velho – literally, “old rags” – a traditional Christmas dish in Portugal, made from the leftovers of Christmas’ Eve dinner – codfish, potatoes, cabbage, squid, and a few other things).


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