Week 2 – Paper Thoughts

This week has been busy for me, and as a result I didn’t have much time to dedicate to photography, so I decided to keep it simple (again). I still wanted the photo to reflect a bit of what’s been going on, so I settled on one of the things I’ve been doing: studying Mandarin.

People ask me why I decided to study Mandarin. I still don’t know for sure, even though I can think of plenty of sensible answers to that question. Suffice to say I wanted to learn a new language, one that wasn’t anything like the ones I already knew, one that would pose a true challenge. Well, I got that for sure, and then some. And I love it.

The papers you see flying around in the photo are filled with characters. You can’t see them at all, so I took a photo of them on my desk. I have a lot more of these sheets to fill – there are only around 90 characters in there (albeit repeated many times). Mandarin has many, many more.


About Sofia Romualdo

Curator in training. Book addict. Art lover. Geek. Dreamer.


  1. I love the idea and composition in the top photo! Nice work!

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