Weekly Readings

I finished reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. I know that last week I said I would post a review today, but the truth is I feel completely unable to. The book turned out to be something totally different from what I initially thought it was, and once I saw this I realized the genius of it. I’d rather not write a review at all than write one that is less than the book deserves, so I’ll save it for some other time, when I’m not as tired.

Anyway, I also read “As Extraordinárias Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy II – Apocalipse” by Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia (pictured open in the image above – check out those colours!). It’s the second book in a Portuguese comic series, one of the few that actually achieved commercial success in Portugal (the market is small and struggling here, but the fans are passionate). I liked it, but didn’t love it. Still, I feel happy that books like these are getting published. I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

I started reading “Designing for the Social Web” by Joshua Porter. I’m still at the introduction, but I have high hopes for this one. Lately it seems that all the books about design or social media that I pick up end up being disappointments, so let’s hope this one is the exception.


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  1. I really liked Lord of the Flies. That is probably saying something because any book you are told to read for school just loses some of its enjoyment value automatically.

    • I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never looked at English-language classics like that, since all I had to read at school were Portuguese classics. 🙂 But yes, I do feel that towards the books we had to read… Well, most of them anyway. There were some I liked, but found that “analyzing” the way we were asked to kind of spoiled them.

      Lord of the Flies was really good.

    • Saramago is one of the required authors at school here. I’ve never read Blindness, though – the one we read was Baltasar and Blimunda. He’s a good storyteller, but his writing style isn’t for everyone. He twists language and writing conventions as he pleases. I know lots of people here who hate his books with a passion. 🙂

  2. I read the first two books you mentioned. About the comic, I feel the same. It was good, but not wuite as good as the first. There were a few plot holes here and there but it’s certainyl a spectacular book to watch closely.
    As for “Lord of the Flies”, it’s a great book and I look forward to reading your full review.

    Goos luck with the design book.

    • I felt that the story went by too fast, they should have taken a bit more time to let it develop instead of packing so much into the pages. But I still like the book. 🙂
      “Lord of the Flies” was one of those books that really… Well, “wound” you, if that makes any sense. The books that affect you that much are the hardest to review…

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