About the Right to Delete


  1. One day I’m going to have to do the same. There’s so many social media sites theses day, that we end forgettig the old ones or not seeing any us to them.
    Now I’m baffled by the fact you had to send emaisl, and even register in oher sites just to delete some accounts. That’s just stupid! (of them, of course)

  2. I also learned how hard it is to delete some of my social media profiles. I was sick of a couple sites and went to get rid of them and it took me way to long to figure some of them out. Plus some were annoying enough to make you say way you are leaving before you were allowed to even delete the profile.

    • Yes, that annoyed me as well. I understand wanting to know the reasons, but they could make it optional to answer, like some sites do. This whole experience really made me start to think twice before joining new services.

  3. I can sympathize with your frustration and agree how silly it is when you’re not offered the option to delete an account (if only for the reason, as you say, that, “The internet says thanks”.)

    I made a Snipi account to enter a competition on my favorite photo/video web store and afterwards decided to delete it. The option doesn’t exist so I sent their “support” a request for help. That was probably last year sometime and a pageful of others have done the same – still no response. So don’t make a snipi account because once you’re in you can’t get out!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely be staying away from such sites in the future. Sadly, a lot of times the only way to know is for other people to try and find out they can’t delete…

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