I’ve been using Pinterest for a week now (you can visit my profile here). I have to say, even though it’s fun to use, I’m having a hard time deciding how useful it is, for me, at least. So far it feels very similar in focus to Tumblr, only easier to use (the “Pin It” button is convenient and elegant), better organized and more visually appealing. On the other hand, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “pins” – and I only follow about half the number of users the site automatically recommended to me. I’ve come across people with dozens of boards, and more pins than artworks in the Louvre.

Still, I can see its usefulness as a virtual clipboard – no need for paper, ink or wall space anymore, unless you really want to.

As for me, I currently have four boards: Art & Exhibitions, for portraits of artists and images of exhibitions; Dream Home, for collecting interior design ideas; The Girly Tomboy, for style inspirations; and Visual Art, for artworks that catch my eye but which don’t quite fit with the theme I have for my Tumblr.

Check it out, and if you’re there, be sure to let me know.


About Sofia Romualdo

Curator in training. Book addict. Art lover. Geek. Dreamer.


  1. I’ve never used Pinterest before, but then again maybe I shouldn’t. I already have 1000 other sites I’ve signed up for and later lost interest in or was confused how to use. The latest being Stumble Upon, which I still am not sure how to use properly.

    • I also tried Stumble Upon, but didn’t last long. It’s not that I didn’t know what it could be used for, it’s just that I didn’t have any reason to use it. Pinterest intrigued for being so appealingly visual, and also because I’ve always wanted to make a scrapbook and never got around to it. But I’m still not sure I’ll stick to it, time will tell.

      If you want to give it a try, let me know, I still have invites to send.

  2. Sounds interesting but like Nate said with so many sites to choose from these days it’s getting a little confusing. I can just imagine one day soon I’m going to break out in a cold sweat because I’ve suddenly forgotten all my passwords 🙂

    • True! That actually happens to me all the time. I never write them down for fear of them falling to the wrong hands, and then I have to trust my brain for the correct website-password combination. Doesn’t always work out well. 🙂

  3. Funny enough I just heard about Pin Interest yesterday. It sounds like a neat idea and I will probably give it a spin tonight. I did not realize that an invite was necessary so If you have an invite available may I have one?

  4. I’m now trying Pinterest too and already have a few boards. As you said, I can’t be sure if I’ll be using it in a week, a month or a year from now, but it’s interesting enough to give it a try. I specially like to use it to keep links to stuff I enjoyed seeing and might want to get back to later, be it for inspiration, work or just for a laugh. Still not using the social part of the platform much, haven’t checked other people’s boards (other than yours of course), but I can imagine using it as a multi-source platform to browse for some stuff. At least I created a “Books worth reading” board which is, in a way, a way to recommend them for others. Guess we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    • After using it for a month, I have to say the social part of it isn’t that important to me. It’s useful for my personal uses, although I do enjoy maintaining a board with other people.

      Still not sure I’ll want to keep using though… We’ll see!

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