The Cat Diaries

When I was in art school studying Photography, taking and sharing photographs of your cats was extremely frowned upon. There was an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) agreement that it was an amateur thing, and if you did it, you weren’t a real photographer.

My own opinion has always been that people who dismiss anything out of prejudice are usually not worth the bother. Besides, cats are awesome.

So here’s a new, ongoing project: The Cat Diaries.


About Sofia Romualdo

Curator in training. Book addict. Art lover. Geek. Dreamer.


  1. I love that cats have such distinctive personalities. For example my cat is a total prima donna. She will shower me with affection or completely ignore me depending on her mood.

    • One of my cats is like that too. All the others are pretty affectionate and follow us everywhere unless they’re sleeping. And yes, they’re very distinctive, I love that about them as well!

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