Week 7 – Blur

Because that’s what my life’s been lately.

I honestly can’t believe we’re nearing the end of February already. This week in particular was spent in a myriad of personal responsibilities that I’d been putting off because of work. Right now, it feels like I will never stop being busy.

This must be what it feels like to be an adult.


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Curator in training. Book addict. Art lover. Geek. Dreamer.


  1. Stupid adulthood… getting in the way of having fun and relaxing.

  2. No, that’s what it feels like to be a young adult. Being an adult is having been too busy for so long you don’t even feel it any more and the stuff you used to do to relax and feel happy seems childish, a waste of time, or a dream. Also, you work your ass off to get money for those miserable vacation days that make you feel far more happy that they should being so few.
    Grumpy, me? Never!

    • Hang in there! I don’t think we’ll be at that stage for a long time. Speaking for myself, the stuff I want to do to relax and feel happy doesn’t seem childish at, and wasting time is so relative that I don’t even think about it in those terms anymore. 🙂 It’s not even being busy that gets to me. I like being busy (not too busy though). It’s being pulled in many different directions by everything in life, often by other people’s demands and choices I didn’t make.

      But I’m not grumpy, not yet. It’s still better than feeling useless, which I’ve come to associate with not being busy.

  3. Chloe

    gorgeous portrait, how did you manage all the lovely blurr?

  4. Regrettably being an adult has its drawbacks but at least there’s wine.

    • Fair enough. Though in my country, with 16 being the legal drinking age and wine producing one of the most important industries, it’s not strictly an adult thing. But yeah, being an adult is still better in most ways.

    • I’m sure South African wine is great, but I doubt they produce, say, Port wine there. 🙂 Haha, no worries, we can get pretty patriotic about wine here as well, particularly in my city (Porto).

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