The Oscars

Now that is a library.

It’s that time of the year again. Tonight is Oscar Night, and everyone is talking about how the Oscars are biased and they don’t really care about them, but they’re curious to see who wins anyway.

Every year, when the Oscar nominees are announced, I decide to watch all the nominees for Best Movie of the Year in time for the ceremony. And every year, I fail to. Last year I got close – only missed 2 movies. This year, it’s the opposite: of the 7 nominees, I only watched 3.

The main reasons were, of course, time and money. A trip to the movies has gotten very expensive, even on Mondays (the lowest price day here in Portugal).

Still, I can tell you that this year, I’m hoping Hugo wins. I’m sure the ones I haven’t watched are lovely (specially The Artist, which looks amazing and I’m definitely going to see next week), but it’s been years since a movie had that kind of affect on me. It’s a movie that fills you with wonder and curiosity and makes you want to make movies. It reminds you that beneath all the makeup, expensive clothes, stylists, agents, publicity stunts, marketing, airbrushing, scandals, beneath all the millions and decadence, movies are actually about stories, about what it means to be human. We’ve become cynical and hard to impress. We quickly dismiss things because they’re not serious, they’re not scientific, because we’ve seen it before. I love stories. Stories make us human. And this movie was a wonderful reminder of that.

Please note that I’m by no means a film connoisseur so this is my subjective opinion.

As for the others I watched: The Descendants was funny, moving, a realistic story told in a superb way. The Tree of Life was visually fantastic and emotionally powerful, but I didn’t find it as life-changing as a lot of people apparently did.

I won’t be watching the Oscars live, as it’s on at 1 am here, and tomorrow I have to wake up early for work. But I trust that I’ll be reading about the results first thing in the morning.

If you like cinema and can read in Portuguese, I recommended the Split Screen blog, for your pre and post Oscar reading. I’m not familiar with many cinema blogs in English, so if anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

The image is a screenshot of the movie Hugo, copyright Paramount Pictures Corporation.


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