What I’ve been up to: Exhibitions and Steampunk


After a few months of inactivity, I’ve finally found the mental availability to update my personal blog. I’ve been far from idle – in fact, if you want to check out what I’ve been working on, feel free to visit:

  • The website for Pintura ou Não?, an exhibition me and a group of colleagues from university have spent the last year researching and organizing. It’s about a group of students from my own faculty who, in the 60s and 70s, dared to experiment with a new concept of painting, even under a dictatorial regime which didn’t permit deviations for the norm. Besides being co-curator, I’m responsible for the website’s upkeep, as well as for photographing, filming and editing the videos for our course’s Youtube channel. All the texts are in Portuguese, and so are the interviews, but some of the videos are only accompanied by video. Do check them out!
  • Clockwork Portugal, a Portuguese Steampunk community created by me and a couple of friends (André Nóbrega and Joana Neto Lima). We decided to organize the first ever Steampunk convention in Portugal and built this website to promote it. We regularly write news, book and movie reviews and other miscellanea, and we also created a webseries, Diários Steampunk, about the various issues and themes that can be found in Steampunk novels (I’ll write about the experience some other time). We also have a Goodreads group and a Tumblr. Once again, it’s all in Portuguese, although we’re working on having English subtitles for the webseries.

What else have I been working on? Well, I’m also responsible for creating my course’s official website. Apart from working at the university, I don’t have much to say, work-wise – I’m looking at my professional options and still need to finish my Master’s thesis. Otherwise, I’ve spent my time reading, travelling, and watching online courses. I’m watching this Yale Course on listening to music, and I’ve recently started the Fantasy and Science Fiction course at Coursera, we’ll see how it goes.

Photography-wise, I haven’t done much, aside from documenting. It’s been difficult for me to be involved in so many creative projects at a time – I really want to dedicate my full attention to each, but it gets confusing with so many deadlines. I guess it’s a matter of practice, though.


About Sofia Romualdo

Curator in training. Book addict. Art lover. Geek. Dreamer.

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