The Cat Diaries, Continued



Sometime last year, I started a project called The Cat Diaries, and then kept forgetting to upload all the photos I took of the various cats in my life. The result: a plethora of felines living in my hard drive, waiting for their cuteness to be unleashed onto the world.

It’s kind of therapeutic, editing photos of kitties.

The one you see on this post is a baby kitty we rescued from the street. There are many stray cats around here, and whenever we can we take them in and adopt them, or find someone of trust to keep them. The most recent litter that was born across the street in the woods consisted of three black kitties, and one who was completely white, with olive green eyes. Every single one of them was terrified of humans and kept running away, except the white one, who walked to us and purred and played with our hands. So we took him in, and on the exact same day found a loving home for him.

His brothers kept evading us for weeks, and eventually succumbed to diseases brought on by the terrible weather we’ve been having lately. It was the first litter that we lost (almost) completely, and my mother (who takes care of every cats she can manage, ours or strays) was heartbroken.

Still, we managed to save this one. He’s now a happy kitty in a happy home.


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