2014 Resolutions

Paris DynamoHere is some of what I hope to achieve this year.

1. Read 100 books. It’s no use lowering the number. In 2013 I decided to cut back on my reading to focus on researching my thesis, and I ended up reading more than ever. It seems that 100 is the magic number for me, so I won’t fight it. As a mini-goal, however, I would like to concentrate on reading graphic novels. I hardly read any this past year, and I’m beginning to feel left out of the conversation.

2. Watch 100 movies. This was kind of an unofficial goal in 2013. I decided to watch all the movies that had won the Best Picture Academy Award, and after that I began tackling the IMDB Top 100 movies of all time (still not finished with this one – 26 movies to go). 100 movies a year seems doable, if still not enough to get my cinematic culture to the desired level. I do seem to be pretty bad at keeping up with new releases – of the 140 movies I watched in 2013, only 15 came out that year. I use Letterboxd to keep up with my viewing stats – I highly recommend it if you’re a movie buff.

3. Play all the games I own for at least one hour. It seems funny, but lately I just haven’t had the time to play games, even though I spent most of the year writing a thesis about them. Because I make my own work schedule, it feels like I should be working all the time; even when I get too tired to keep working (usually in the evenings), between books, movies, friends and family, social outings, and side projects, there are way too many things vying for my attention, and games get left behind. Coupled with my obsession with buying indie games, I have amassed quite a collection on Steam, of which I have played very little. I want that to change this year. My brother came up with the idea of making it a resolution of playing at least one hour of each game we own, and I thought it was a great idea.

4. Create a videogame. Because I like to keep things interesting, and the other resolutions are relatively simple, I’m throwing this one in. I know I sound crazy, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated videogame, just a functioning, fun one. Besides, learning to create games can’t be more difficult than learning Mandarin… Right?

5. Become a runner. Instead of just wanting to become fit, I decided to dedicated myself to a clear goal. I don’t have the habit of running, so I’m going to focus on that.

What do you hope to achieve in 2014?

Photo: Paris, 2013. Dynamo exhibition at the Grand Palais.


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